sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Rescaldo do Open

Coloco a transcrição directa da nota do Mads no site oficial do Nórdico:

The Day After

Friday, 01 July 2011 10:37
We had a nice party last night, with good food and drink aplenty, and for free! All in all this has surely been the best value comp I have had the pleasure of attending and one I'll have a hard time repeating, as an organiser, ever!
All this obviously because I had the whole of the local Clube Vertical behind me; in reality, once the comp started I didn't need to worry more about it because it was already in competent hands. I'd like once again to thank all these people, both the very visible ones, like Mané, Vitor, Bruno and Miguel, and the less visible ones that were no less important in getting things to run so smoothly! Thanks guys - you're all great!
The Municipal Council of Manteigas also deserves a big THANKS - their support made all the little "extras" possible, and that was what made this event stand out from the rest (along with four good tasks obviously!). I think many pilots would be happy to come back here again some time, and that would surely make the local village happy!
The final rankings will be Online later today, says Bruno, and then this instalment of the Nordic Open is over - thank you all for supporting the event, even the ones who only followed from the side line on the LiveTracking, and I look forward to seeing where we will all meet next year!
Mads S, signing out from the HQ at the SkiParque!

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  1. Podemos fazer melhor.Há coisas que vamos mudar no futuro. Passamos a vida a aprender. Demos o melhor de nós mas há sempre erros a corrigir, já temos as soluções. Claro que há coisas que não se fazem sem mais meios. Gostei de sentir que ainda não estou velho.

  2. Parabéns! Não há duvida que vocês revolucionaram a prática do parapente em Portugal na competição e na evolução.

    Roque Santos